Welcome to Puff Puff Pandas

The Official Puff Puff Pandas Whitepaper, last updated 1/14/2023 @ 4:20PM EST
Puff Puff Pandas is a collection of 6,666 PFPs that exclusively provide lovers of cannabis and digital art with real-world utilities. Holders of our NFTs receive access to a 22 ETH DAO wallet, guaranteed creative & cannabis related giveaways, discounts on 3,500+ IRL products, and 24/7 informational services.

Our Mission

"We believe in empowering experiences, bridging the gaps between like-minded people and challenging the status quo. In one of the fastest "growing" movements on Earth, Puff Puff Pandas sets its sights on becoming the premier, IRL cannabis brand and community by entirely focusing on providing value to holders." - CEO & Co-Founder, Akshay S.
This Puff Puff Pandas Whitepaper is subject to updates via DAO proposals and community requests, and it may only be otherwise altered in order to legally protect the Puff Puff Pandas team and our holders.
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