Sometimes we're in a rush too. Here's everything you need to know:
Puff Puff Pandas is a collection of 6,666 utility-driven PFP pandas, puffing, passing and chilling on the Ethereum blockchain. Our vision is to create the premier, IRL cannabis community by providing real-world utilities that maximize our holders’ cannabis experiences, and our team brings the necessary experience and passion to Web3.
Every Puff Puff Pandas holder (Puffer) receives access to The Bud Club, a like-minded community of tried & true tokers and lovers of digital art. Holders also gain access to a 22 ETH DAO & community wallet, guaranteed stoner giveaways, a 24/7 informational cannabis help-desk and discounts on 3,500+ real-world products, among several other utilities. At least 84 ETH is guaranteed to be dedicated towards these activations!