The Utility

A comprehensive overview of the real-world utilities offered to holders of Puff Puff Pandas. Phases are activated for execution once the target percentage of the supply for sale has minted (5,555).

Our Vision:

Traditional cannabis culture is fractured.
There are social, economic, and financial divides between lovers of cannabis and digital art. This fractured community is growing every day, yet the bridges between them are not.
Web3 has empowered us with the technology to connect these individuals, and with established partnerships and relationships in the cannabis industry, Puff Puff Pandas aims to become the premier, IRL cannabis community and empower our holders with the ability to maximize their cannabis experiences.
84 ETH from the mint is reserved specifically to execute upon the following utilities. Our doxxed founders will transparently oversee the allocation of these funds and record them publicly within this whitepaper.
Phase 1: The Bud Desk (20%)
Have you ever had a cannabis-related question? The Puff Puff Pandas team has identified a global team of pot aficionados, budtenders and cannabis cup-winning growers to ensure best-in-class cannabis consultation to our holders is available 24/7. Need rolling tips? Never clean a bong before? Wondering how to balance the pH level of your growing soil? The Bud Desk team will have the experience and education to guide you in all cannabis endeavors. The best questions and answers will be shared weekly.
Activation Budget: 12 ETH
Phase 2: Munchies, Movies & Giveaways (40%)
Every holder of Puff Puff Pandas is guaranteed to win one of our select giveaways: including boxes of munchies (an international selection), streaming subscriptions (fees are airdropped to holders), and community-created art—such as Puff Puff Pandas sneakers, glassware, music, and more! In order to ensure mint funds are allocated most efficiently, holders in the United States will be prioritized for giveaways of physical products, but every holder is still guaranteed one of our giveaways!
Activation Budget: 20 ETH (+15 ETH Mutant Ape Yacht Club, 35 ETH Total)
Phase 3: Real-World Products (60%)
The most essential part of the Puff Puff Pandas experience lies within our premium, cannabis-affiliated products. We have already procured ashtrays that glow in the dark, lighters with laser-engraving, joint cases made from stainless steal, king-sized hemp rolling papers, and much more for the community! This activation will allow us to expand our inventory, offer larger discounts to holders and ideally place products in retail stores. Holders will also receive private discount codes on 10,000+ products from our network of puff-affiliated companies.
Activation Budget: 15 ETH
Phase 4: DAO Establishment (80%)
22 ETH will be dedicated to the Puff Puff Pandas DAO wallet to act as a community budget. Active holders will be elected by the community to sit on the Board of the DAO to communicate and invent proposals and oversee the implementation of community funds. Real life smoke sessions with Snoop? A comic book with holders’ NFTs? A holders-only strain? The possibilities are endless and entirely up to the community.
Our Chief Stoner Officer (CSO) Keith "KO Kid" Berry will audit our products to ensure they meet quality standards and report his thoughts directly to our DAO. Community wallet funds were also authorized to distribute and invest directly back into the community in giveaways and bounties during the live mint.
Activation Budget: 22 ETH