The Team

Combining experiences in the cannabis industry, product sourcing, quality control, and gaming: the perfect team to execute upon our utilities are start building for the cannabis culture of tomorrows.
Call us "weedvangelicals," because we're here to put some "verb" in your "herb."
Keith B
Akshay S.
Kabir S.
Josie Q.
Nikola M.
Keith "K.O. Kid" Berry, Chief Stoner Officer (doxxed)
Keith is an infamous mixed martial artist and 2x King of The Cage Champion. Since his MMA career, Keith has focused his attention on supporting artists and NFT communities and is involved in real life events as well as active on his twitter and instagram. Keith himself is a lover of grass and grower himself. He is a foundational believer in our movement to bring real world utilities to holders. As Chief Stoner Officer (CSO), Keith will professionally test all Puff Puff Pandas products and relays his suggestions directly to the DAO and community.
Akshay S, CEO & Founder (doxxed via doxd.io)
Akshay actively manages the community and leads the operations of the Puff Puff Pandas team with his co-founder Kabir. Crypto native since 2017, NFT Degen, and whitepaper devourer. He has vast experiences in sourcing and procuring products in the United States and has consulted on various consumer products companies in several sectors including healthcare. He has a vast amount of connections in the cannabis industry and provides creative oversight on all elements of the project. He is full-time committed to Puff Puff Pandas
Kabir S, COO & Founder (doxxed via doxd.io)
Ex-Finance hardo turned cannabis startup founder. Distribution and sourcing specialist. Early investor in ETH. Tree hugging and tree loving since Web3’s inception.
Josie Q, Creative & Data Consultant (doxxed)
Life-long entrepreneur, engineer, and data scientist. Crypto native since 2012. Over 10+ years in digital marketing experience scaling eCommerce brands. Marketing wizard and creative genius. Queen of connections, community, and cannabis. Her wisdom has proved vital to the awareness and reach of our project.
Nikola M, Artist & Creative Director
Nikola is a spectacular artist from California who brought our vision of Puff Puff Pandas to life through. Since creating our artwork, Nikolai has competed and won awards in high-quality realistic 3D animations.
Nikola and his team at Infinity Technologies were also the artists behind several sold-out projects including Moonrunners, Companion, Ape Dadz, Night Owls, Strong Apes, and Cosmos Kidz, among others. He is a visionary and creative genius, and his contributions will forever be proudly worn by our community.